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Who We Are
LaSalle Agri is a locally owned and operated agricultural company that specializes in providing farmers with premium pelleted fertilizer.

We are passionate about creating healthier fields, soil, and providing hard working farmers with the best fertilizer products for their farm.

Our pelleted fertilizer delivers the best blend of nutrients and organic matter that can significantly influence your crop harvest and soil health for years to come.

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Our Priorities
LaSalle Agri’s Pellets is a premium bio pellet fertilizer choice for your farm that encourages healthier soil and higher yields.

We offer farmers specialized care and maintenance of their field soil to ensure that your crops receive the core nutrients needed and are given the best possible soil environment in which to thrive.

We also ensure that farmers receive the best value for their fertilizer investment, increasing both yield numbers and your farm’s bottom line.

Organic Matter

​​Organic matter is at the very heart of our fertilizer product, making up 60-70% of its total makeup – meaning that for every one tonne of LaSalle pellets, you will be putting 1,323 – 1500 pounds of organic matter into your soil.


​​LaSalle Agri product provides nitrogen at a less expensive option and is key to harvesting healthy crops – factors that will ultimately benefit your bottom line.


​​LaSalle Agri product offers farmers a means to provide consistent amounts of phosphate for fields and encouraging strong, healthy initial plant development. As one of the key components in plant growth, phosphate plays a significant role in photosynthesis.


​​Within 1 tonne of LaSalle Agri Product, there is 18 pounds of sulphur that will be directly placed on your fields and used by your crops. It’s a consistent amount of sulphur that helps avoid deficiency, resulting in better-balanced soil and greener crops.