What They Say About Us

Alex Gubbels, P.Eng. PMP

“I was thoroughly pleased with the performance and value of LaSalle Agri Bio-Fertilizer in my 2016 Corn crop. The corn got off to an excellent start with a lush and vibrant color from emergence until it began to die down in the fall. Throughout the season neighbours would comment on the color of my crop and its excellent stand. Yield performance was outstanding and up to 20% above neighboring yields. The agronomy of the bio-fertilizer with the calcium, magnesium, sulphur, and zinc makes it far superior than a conventional fertilizer with the equivalent nitrogen, phosphate, and potash levels. I strongly recommend the use of LaSalle Agri products to enhance soil health and to increase crop yields.”

Jim House

“Two years ago we spread 2 1/2 tons of Windsor bio fertilizer on wheat ground. the straw was let on the field, then I drilled in 25 pound of a cover crop mixture ( 1/3 Italian Rye Grass, 1/3 tillage Radish, and 1/3 Hairy Vetch) We received good rain so the cover crop grew perfectly. It was left to overwinter and the field was lightly disked and planted to corn. This field was my poorest, rather hilly and eroded clay. I purchased the farm in 1983. That crop of corn was the best looking crop I have ever had on those hills. It yielded 50 bushels more than the corn crop three years ago. (185 bu@) Yes, it was a different hybrid and growing year. I believe the systems approach of wheat bio fertilizer and cover crop really make a big difference on my land.”